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Former NFL Stars Brian Orakpo and Michael Griffin’s Killer Cupcakes

Former NFL Stars Brian Orakpo and Michael Griffin’s Killer Cupcakes

We’re going to sit back and let these three burly men make us cupcakes. The way it always should have been. Please welcome former NFL pro bowlers Brian orakpo and Michael griffin. I have got to say. You thought these guys were great all pro football players. They’re better cupcake makers by the way. I never thought we would be hanging out with aprons on national TV making cupcakes. What we going to do, Michael? What we got? We’re going to start — I’m the head baker right here. I’m going to have you help me right here. You’re a sous chef, Michael. Put that in there right now. What are we making? Be we’re making a wedding cake. It’s a white cake, but it’s my favorite. Make you want to get married. Okay. I got the eggs? That’s the oil. I’m going to put the oil in, and put this over there, and put that vanilla right there. Vanilla. A vanilla right there, we’ll knock this out real quick. How are you doing, ladies? So far, not a lot of room for error. This is the tricky part. My vanilla got on it. Have you always baked or is this a new hobby? I baked. If you look right here, I burned myself the last time. It’s last minute, honestly. We kind of perfected it. I have visions of you coming from football practice and hitting the kitchen hard. You have to put the flour in there slow. Real slow. I did it my first time and it was smokey. Smokey. Cleanup on aisle one. What is that? That is sour cream right there. It brings that texture, and gives it flavor. Mike, you be in the kitchen or no? Why you going to call a brother out like that? I can burn, man. I can burn it. Just making sure we’re good. Turn that thing up. We’re going to whip it in there, but now we’re going to do it. When it all gets good, it turns into this right here. Turns right here. It turns into this, and this is where we start baking now. You get a scoop. Make sure you come to the side. You got too much. Are we supposed to be doing something down here? I like my cupcakes full. Make sure the scoop is like you said, at the line. What are you scared of? I am a little terrified of this. I got you. Very simple. There you go. There you go. Trying to feed a lot of people and you got to get in there and you got to get quick. Let’s get to this. I’m making these cupcakes. That one don’t count. 325 in the oven. 325 in the oven. 20 to 22 minutes. 20 to 22? Let’s get to the decorating. I’m the head decorator now. Now Mike, we’re taller guys. What I like to do in my kitchen — Get low. You got to get low like in a stance. There you go. Squeeze it. Literally we do a Gigi swirl. What is a Gigi swirl? All you can do is either side to side and plop — Amazing work. Or you can do, like — I want to see you plop. All right. We do that. That’s a discounted cupcake right there. This is discounted though. That’s a discount too? Just keep playing with it. Hey. Charge them more. Charge them more their that one. That ain’t no discount. Is this okay? That’s good. That’s really good. Put some sprinkles on it. Now we’re going to put sprinkles on it. That one’s probably the discounted one, right? Put your sprinkles on it. You’re messing all up the sprinkles. I need a job because I drop them. There you go. Michael is the decoration man. What part of your football careers helped you with this? Just the hard work and the dedication. One thing when we opened up this business, we made sure our significant others, and our wives could not be apart of this. We wanted to make sure we can always be there. This is our first time that not all three of us are in Austin there at the location, but again, we just made sure this is something we’re going to be on board. Do you have a minimum of how many you can eat a day? It’s hard. When you are working, it’s hard. I try to stay away from it, but I can literally go a dozen if I want to. Wow. But I try. Not during season though. Not during season. The cupcakes are good cupcakes, man. Thank you, guys. I love the fact that you went for the NFL. What happened to your cupcake, Michael? That’s what I’m saying. It’s on the discounted rack. Man down. Man down. Cleanup on aisle one. It’s top heavy. What can I say? You guys went into business and you went to college together. You played together, and now you’re sticking together in business. It’s great to see that. Now you frost together. That brotherhood, man. Now you frost together. That’s right. Thank you.

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